The On Leash Struggle

One of the struggles we all endure as dog owners is walking on leash. Some of us try so many different things, clicker training, treat training, harnesses, haltis, prong collars, you name it. Sometimes it doesn’t work for our dog specifically, if your dog isn’t treat motivated then treat training doesn’t work, maybe haltis or prong collars don’t help either. After trying so many different things we feel like we’ve failed our dog, that we’re terrible dog owners, that our dog just can’t learn, FALSE TO ALL OF THIS! Our dogs need patience, consistency, and a ton of praise when they do something your asking them to do.

Dogs pulling on leashes is very common. I’ve read so many different books and articles that talk about the “best way” to teach your dog, some even said “never let them pull in the first place”. Well, there are so many things that come in the way that you can’t control when you start walking your dog (be it a rescue, a puppy who is oh so curious so it’s hard to keep them by your side, etc) the key is to start with one technique at a time, be consistent with it, if things don’t change in a month then try a different method.

One of the best methods I’ve seen work and have used is changing directions every time you feel pressure on the leash, sure you kind of look ridiculous while walking down your street but this works! Varying walking patterns and rewarding your dog with praise or treats for following you and not pulling on the leash. Walk tall and proud! Be assertive and calm like many dog trainers will tell you. Your confidence is important! And the confidence you have in your dog that they can learn anything. Body language is important in any training and interaction you have with your dog and any other dog you encounter.

Feel free to post comments! Maybe you have a great training technique that works! Let’s share our experiences so we can all become better!